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MEDIUM Maneesha


Live the best life in the here and now

Let's work together 

 Transform insecurity into trust

Work together with your higher self and the spiritual world

Live a healthy and inspired life from the love consciousness

Spiritual guidance in your transformation process to embrace, embody and live your soul mission

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Why Love consciousness?

With love consciousness you are able to change old pain, trauma, negativity, fear, illnesses, drama in a gentle and loving way. You can also realize your 'ideal' life and stand in your strength. Love is healing, empowering and joyful. Loving yourself and others requires awareness, because you are critical of yourself based on old pain patterns, experience uncertainty, want to protect yourself and you take this with you in all relationships you enter into or have. You often set the bar high, you are a perfectionist, you want a certain degree of control and there is fear underneath. When you learn to trust your heart, your intuition, your higher self or the big picture and your spiritual guides, you experience trust and connection. This will bring peace to your system. You transform the relationship with yourself and step into self-love. This brings you "all truly at home with yourself" and hear, see, feel yourself through the eyes of and with the intention of love. This ensures that you connect with a different feeling in all areas of life. You experience peace and confidence to live and work in a way that suits you. There is an effortlessness and carelessness.

Maneesha Sluyzer

Spiritual teacher, mentor, channeler, yogini

Spiritual teacher & therapist with over 15+ years of experience
I connect you with love and inner peace
To take ownership of your feelings, thoughts, relationships, health and life
To step into your power and share your talents and gifts
Experience connection with the Divine energy of your soul, guides, loved ones and the Universal love consciousness

Experience guidance from love consciousness for loving relationships, conscious communication, a positive mindset & lifestyle

Life is a journey of changes and that is a beautiful and challenging process. You can live from the consciousness of love and that requires effective communication and exercises to transform the body, mind, emotions, ego and soul to a higher vibrational state.


1 on 1 session

Invest in the relationship with self

Do you need support, insight and answers on how to deal with certain situations, feelings or thoughts? Are you ready for the truth and a step deeper in your own process?

Together with my spiritual guides, I read the energy from your energy field and receive messages from your soul and my guides. Together with my knowledge and wisdom you will gain insight into the answers you are looking for.

Choose a 1 on 1 session for: Spiritual Assessment, psychic reading or coaching


Inspired Leadership

Do you want to give your spirituality a greater place in your work and private life?

Are you an independent entrepreneur or a spiritual seeker and are you looking for support and guidance in your spiritual growth? The transformation of letting go of the old and mastering the new requires change and choices. It's nice to have someone next to you who understands you. Together with my supervisors, I help you to keep your energy high, the right focus and to work together with your higher self, your soul team to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Peace is the key to connecting with your heart and soul. Feel empowered, inspired and embody the love and joy that reside within you.


Love relationships

Are you stuck in relationships? Rediscover your connection with yourself and others.

Do you want to take your relationship with yourself, your partner, employees, family or others to a higher level? Conscious communication is essential in relationships. The biggest problem is feeling that you are not understood, not heard and not having your needs met or the other way around. Old pain points remain triggered and this can cause you to get stuck. I feel and watch with you what you do and what the other person does. I want to teach you to step into unconditional love and transcend your ego.



Come to Spain and step into the peace to feel yourself and nourish yourself spiritually

Do you need a time out? Get away from it all but don't want to be alone? Are there old pain points that you want to let go of? Would you like to delve deeper spiritually and take a warm bath where you will be taken care of? Be welcome at my home in Spain where I can work with you on any theme and you will find depth and peace within yourself for 6 days.


What people say

If you are looking for pure, sincere and intensive guidance, then Maneesha is the right place for you. She gives you exactly the push you need to take the next step in your own growth process, and it's up to you to get started. The environment, the sweet animals, the care and the coaching work together optimally to make a strong growth leap, absolutely recommended!

Margriet Bleeker

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