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Maneesha Sluyzer

Awakening hearts, Empowering Souls

Messages of Love


Welcome by Messages of Love where your heart is calling you to be fully awake and feel life running through your veins. Your soul wants to empower you on your souls journey here on earth to experience loving relationships, how to deal with challenging times, strong emotions and feelings, going through heartship and finding peace inside. You have this magical power inside and I call it Love. When Love is present your journey of deep healing occurs, doors are opening and stress, fear, doubt will disappear. Love is the answer to your questions and the relationship you have with yourself is the most important there is. So let your self criticism be mild, let the self sabotage go, step in a world where you feel aware, self confident, self love, compassion, inner peace and strength. Where you experience unconditional love for yourself, others and life itself then it is easier to live the life your came on earth for.


Do you feel life has more to offer?

Do you feel your soul’s mission but do you need more conformation, evidence, experience, support, guidance and knowledge that you are not going crazy but that the divine is knocking at your door? Which choices you have to make and how your intuition can guide you more?


Me and my team are here to guide you to connect to your heart,

higher self and if you like to your soul, divine self and spirit team.

Awakening your Spiritual Power

Spiritual Power is your goodness, your love, wisdom, your higher consciousness and truth. When you connect to these qualities inside of you, you are gonna realize that nothing has a power over you but your own truth, If your mindset is negative and depressed, that is the power you have over yourself. When you change and awaken your good qualities inside you will find the change you are waiting for. When you realize that your Divine self is a messenger of Love you have nothing to be afraid of, nothing can hurt you or has power over you. You no longer have to give away your power to a person, situation or thing. You will interact with love, compassion and kindness to yourself, the world around you and that increases your inner confidence and awakening a sense of what your Spiritual Power is and how to reflect that in your life. You will become more aware and what your thought was a problem isn’t a problem anymore.


How your life can change

The illusions and the truth will become more clear and you will no longer be fooled by the way things appear. You will have a better understanding why things are happening and recognize the opportunities that every situation is offering you. You are better able to sustain a feeling of peace and balance in your life no matter what is happening or what conditions you find yourself in.


With the awakening of your Spiritual Power you will attract that what you need at the right moment. Life becomes a wonderful journey and discovery with following your heart, experiencing more abundance, joy, and aliveness.


Healing and connecting to your Divine Self opens doors

It brings you opportunities, clears the way, and releases stuck places. There is no limit to how far you can go, how much you can grow, and how much of the Divine Self can be expressed through you in this life time. So by follow the voice inside, you become stil, mindful and let your ego be at service of your higher self. Experience peace, calmness, relaxation and higher consciousness.


I will connect you to Divine love and Divine experiences when your trust and surrender

Maneesha Sluyzer - Messager of Love

I want you to know that everything I do is grounded and you will experience it as something normal. I am not practicing magic, I practice science based excercises and bring you experiences so your body and mind understand what is happening and you can make the change you wish to see.

Why working with me?

When I was young I realized that I was different and had an other opinion about the world. I felt connected to the spiritual world and I was in contact with my telepathic gifts of hearing and feeling. I have deaf parents. I always had to interpret words from the hearing people to the deaf people and the other way. The family of my fathers side experienced a lot of trauma and there was a lot of loss and grieve by the death of people I loved. When I was 26 I had a near death experience and that lead me on my souls journey in search for the deeper meaning of love. I traveled to beautiful places, met a lot of people, traveled in my own mind and consciousness in space and time and experienced 'ego death' and a lot of oneness. My connection with my spirit guides became stronger and I am able to channel these beautiful higher consciousness beings and receiving their messages.


My Spiritual Power is that I am an interpretator in the language of your body, mind, soul and spirit. I help you translate the massages/communication you receive in your body and mind, how to communicate from the heart, what your dreams tell you, I let you see why you have your life lessons, what kinda of job matches you and what your soul's mission is.


I have been educated as a posture and movement therapist, a haptotherapist (it is all about the language of the body), a dance and yoga teacher, a medium and a qhht practitioner. I have been teaching since I am 18 years old and working with people since I was 22. I am living my dream life and moved from the Netherlands to the South of Spain. I have my own small retreat centre in my house together with my loving animals, sea view, surrounded by mountains, silence, birds singing and the wind. I feel blessed to be a co-creator and part of changing the consciousness of humanity on this planet. 


You can work with me in 3 ways

Book your own personal tuned online session and receive insights, answers at your questions in your personal spiritual journey.

  • Online video zoom call

    Spiritual information about your life path, soul's mission, developmen...

    1 uur

    90 euros
  • Online video zoom call

    Spiritual information about your life path, soul's mission, developmen...

    1 uur

    125 euros
  • Online video zoom call

    6 guiding sessions of 60/75 minutes

    1 uur

    750 euros

Come home at my house in South of Spain and nourish yourself for 3 or 7 days with nature, love, consciousness and relaxation 

Retreats for spiritual growth, trauma healing, burnout recovery, HSP support, spiritual empowerment, relaxation and self-awareness development. All retreats are talor-made.

We start with an intake through zoom.


Solo retreat

Take the space to be alone and the time for processing, deep connection, focus, silence and insights. Sometimes being alone is the best gift you can give yourself. We are here to provide you the space you need to heal or gain insights.


Small Group retreat

Travel together with a small group of like-minded people to gain insights faster, tackle your personal issues and touch on themes that you would not have thought about yourself. Growing together is powerful & fun. Connect and learn to stay close to yourself.

Or receive insights and inspiration through my online classes. Experience my teachings in my Yoga therapy classes, meditations, podcast, online program, products and more.....