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Lightworkers unite.
Empower eachother to embody who you are and change the consciousness and vibration of humanity into love

Work with Spirit

Do you want a deeper connection with your higher self?
Do you want to stand in your strength?
Inspired work and life?
Feeling the support, trust and guidance of your guides and the spiritual world

Do you feel different in this world and do you want to inspire other people with your knowledge, wisdom and talents?

Do you feel that you are ready for 5D relationships and do you want to make the world more beautiful?

Let us come together, sit in the energy of the divine and fill yourself with the support, love, guidance of your soul, soul team, the collective, deceased loved ones, light beings from different dimensions, multidimensional children, friends, family, nature beings and animals .

This is not difficult, you want to have the right tools to feel it properly!

Dealing with your spiritual gifts requires confidence, courage, courage and patience.

Do you come up with it yourself or do you receive the messages? Is it your ego or your higher self is the most common question!

Discover whether you are clear feeling, hearing or clear knowing, smelling!

Are you intuitive or already psychic, do you work with energies or light language?

You want to deepen your knowledge, meet like-minded people and have self-confidence in your gifts, knowledge and wisdom and your abilities. How do you communicate with spirit and understand what they are telling you? This is my specialty and I would like to take you through the language of your soul and communication with the invisible world.

Work with spirit is really something for you, if you:

You are already well on your way with your personal development and spiritual growth. You are aware that body, mind and soul are inextricably linked and have an effect on each other. You are ready for the next deepening step in your spiritual development and want to learn to collaborate with your soul, your soul team, the collective and the spiritual world. You are willing to completely release yourself from old emotional pain to become a pure channel that can communicate with all that is. You long for more self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance to truly be that channel of love and light.

You'll receive:

Tools to connect with your higher self, your soul team, deceased people, to perceive energy through:

Reading energy and auras
Working with and from the Akashic records
make contact with the spiritual world through trance meditations
Hypnosis meditation
Automatic writing
Telepathic communication
Speaking intuitively

Know, you don't have to become a medium after this training. You will be given the tools, a practice field, to develop certainty and trust in communication and collaboration with Spirit. After this training, your connection will be stronger and you can step into the energy and communicate with your soul team for the rest of your life.

Tevens ontvang jij tools voor je eigen ontwikkeling zoals:

  • An intimate, loving and pure relationship with yourself

  • ​Rest about the past

  • Identify your feelings and communicate them in a loving way

  • Self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

  • The feeling of being completely one and realizing that you are perfect just the way you are

  • Getting to know your body and emotions through the chakras

  • Recognizing and transforming emotional pain

  • Experiencing your body as a channel of energy

  • Feeling, experiencing a connection with your higher self and activating your energetic field

  • Getting in touch with your soul, soul team

  • Discovering your unique gifts and soul mission

  • Deepen your meditations and feel a connection with the spiritual world and the different dimensions

  • Working from peace, inspiration, trust and love

  • Understanding the communication of the spiritual world

  • And describe and convey the language and messages in a loving way

​Training Work with Spirit:
10 sessions on Sundays 10.30am-1.30pm
Early bookers pay €650
Normal price €888,-
Small groups - Maximum 8 people
Check the agenda for dates

What other say about the training

Maneesha can help you take your own energy work a step further in a loving and pleasant way. By traveling with her I learned to find words for processes that took place within myself. By doing it together with a group you can benefit from the energy of the group. There is plenty of room to share experiences in the group, but you can also do this later privately or not if you like.

Her Work with Sprit is a party to look forward to all week.

—  Sylvia

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