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Transitioning humanity to a higher consciousness

Choose love
Transform your life and thrive

Maneesha Sluyzer offers spiritual guidance to help you process traumas with love, increase your awareness, use your psychic and paranormal gifts and enrich your life. She support holistic techniques with spiritual knowledge to help you rediscover your true self and get your life moving again. She offers you a safe environment where you can process your emotions, relax and deepen your relationships through a loving awareness.

Your biggest power is love
Re-connect with your soul
Love for yourself, love others, nat
ure, animals and the Divine.


I help independent entrepreneurs, high sensitive people and spiritual seekers to stay centered in the difficult times of life, to stand in their strength, to maintain loving relationships and to take good care of themselves

Discover the power of love consciousness in my retreats and one on one coaching program.

Receive divine messages from the love consciousness of my spirit team

 in my private channeling, reading and coaching session.

Unlock your full potential and deepen your spiritual path with my unique coaching approach.


Transform your life and prosper!

Trauma healing

Soul connection



Loving relationships

The spiritual retreats offer the ultimate combination of coaching, relaxation, healing and empowerment in the warmth and beauty of the Spanish countryside. Surrounded by nature, like-minded people, animals and love, you will have the chance to connect deeply with your spiritual self and open yourself up to true spiritual growth and transformation.

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1 on 1 Channeling / reading

Receive deep insights about your soul and your life. What now? your soul mission? what obstacles are still there? what are your talents and gifts? what can you do to heal or heal? what steps should you take?

Receive messages from other consciousnesses and other dimensions that raise your energy, bring awareness and have essential answers especially and uniquely for you.

As a trance medium I work with "the masters of light", my main guide Aurealis and I offer ET Channelings with Hubert, my alien friend. As a medium, I connect with loved ones of yours in the spiritual dimension and am the channel. I tell you what they tell me, show me and feel.

Take your own process to a higher level. Unwind through connection and answers from the other world and connect with beings with the love consciousness.

The sessions are spot on and they are recorded. you can listen to it after the session.​


Spiritual healing &

Business coaching retreats


- Trauma/grieve & loss

- Burn out

- Soul Connection

- Empowerment  


1 on 1 online coaching program
Heal to Empower : BEING YOU

My one-on-one coaching program is designed to bring you deep healing, understanding, support, love and wisdom. I am committed to helping you find your inner strength and providing you with the tools to create the life you desire. My approach is holistic and the goal is to help you develop a greater sense of self-love and self-awareness.

Frequently asked questions:

How to stay connected with yourself surround by others?

Start feeling the loving, powerful and supported presence of your soul and spirit team inside you and around you.


Be conscious of your defense mechanism separate you because of old pain that triggers and disconnect you from your centre and your heart. 


I came to Maneesha last year during a period when I was not doing so well. Maneesha provided the security and loving attention I needed at the time. Maneesha sympathizes and is not surprised at all. She helped me to trust myself again and was able to give me a push in the right direction when I needed it. Highly recommended if you need guidance on the path of spirituality and awareness.

"Carline van den Dool - 42 years old"

In less than a week, my meeting with Maneesha has changed my life. The place, on top of a mountain where I could experience the sunrise every morning, the start with yoga and the loving guidance of Maneesha who could also be confrontational where necessary, were incredibly helpful. This makes me feel my life force and I know which steps I have to take in my life.

Thank you dear Maneesha, good luck with your beautiful work. 

"Jasna Joosten - 48 years old"


About Maneesha Sluyzer

Maneesha Sluyzer is an experienced spiritual guide and medium dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complexities of life. As a trance medium, yogini, therapist and living in Spain, Maneesha offers a unique blend of perspectives that encourages each person to explore their own inner world.

Her work focuses on creating a safe space for individuals to connect with their hearts and find their own inner guidance. Through love consciousness, Maneesha encourages each individual to access their true potential and create the life of their dreams.


I am here for you

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