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Maneesha Sluyzer

Messenger of Love

Experience life through the eyes of your love consciousness
Join me as we breakthrough any limits and beliefs that hold us back so we can create a life and business that you love!

Guidance with Medium Maneesha & Spirit Team
Spiritual Assessments, Coaching Sessions, Retreats and Online Programs

Welcome to Medium Maneesha, where I offer unique and personal guidance in the field of spiritual growth. Through my spiritual assessments, coaching sessions, retreats and online programs, I help you find depth, gain insights and bring about life changes.

Love Consciousness and Working with the Spiritual World

I believe in the power of love consciousness. By working closely with the spiritual world I can support you in discovering your higher self, finding your soul mission and creating a life full of joy and fulfillment.

Spirituality in Love Relationships

An important aspect of my guidance is working on loving relationships. Whether you are single or already have a partner, we help you make conscious connections and build harmonious relationships. I provide deep insights and practical tools to promote healthy communication, intimacy and growth within relationships.

Spirituality for Health and Wellbeing

As a Medium, I understand that spirituality is not only about inner growth, but also about physical well-being. I encourage you to take a holistic approach and work to improve your health and well-being at all levels. Our guidance helps you find balance, reduce stress and create a healthy lifestyle.

Attracting Your Dream Life

Have you ever dreamed of a life full of joy, abundance and fulfillment? Me and my spirit team, we teach you how to attract your dream life through conscious manifestation. We help you let go of limiting beliefs, cultivate self-love and radiate positive energy so that your dreams can become reality.

For you

Our guidance is aimed at anyone who is interested in spiritual growth and personal development. Whether you are new to the world of spirituality or already experienced, our programs are designed to meet your needs. Sign up for my newsletter and receive regular inspiring content, exclusive offers and valuable insights straight to your inbox.

In short, as Medium Maneesha I offer unique, personal guidance that provides depth, provides insights and makes life change possible. Whether you are looking for love consciousness, contact with the spiritual world, discovering your soul mission, improving your relationships, promoting health and wellness, or manifesting your dream life - we are here to support you on your journey. spiritual journey.

Ways I can support you

 Transform insecurity into trust
Work together with your higher self and the spiritual world
Live a healthy and inspired life from the love consciousness

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Experience my unique spiritual guidance with my soul team in your transformation process to embrace, embody and live the life you are searching for

Book your online session with me

Spiritual Assessment

​This is a one-hour session in which I, together with my spiritual guides, give you information about your soul path, your spiritual journey, your personal development, love life, work career, health, strength and talents. We work together where you can ask questions, connect with a loved one in the spirit world, or learn more about why you are on Earth and where you come from.

Personal Coaching 6 sessions

My approach is holistic and focuses on all aspects of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Together we work to heal old wounds, release limiting beliefs and activate your potential. I guide you to explore deeper layers of consciousness and connect with your inner wisdom. 24/7contact inclusive online programs

Psychic Reading / Mediumship

During a reading you will receive clarity, insight, confirmation or answers about topics such as your work, life mission, love life, health or personal growth. A reading is a form of energetic work in which I intuitively or telepathically receive messages through the energetic field or the multidimensional aura field, my guides, your guides or loved ones on the other side. These can be messages about your past, present or future.

Online Group Sessions

Each month i give my online group sessions: Searching for truth. This is in a form of Satsang where one person shares a topic or question where me and my spirit team will dive deeper into. You'll receive a guided meditation in that moment, channeling and inspiration

Intensive Retreat
5 days Personal Coaching

Work with me in one week and relax, open your heart, gain insight and answers, release old pain with restorative yoga, breath work, coaching through love consciousness, healthy food and relaxation. Experience heart-to-heart connection, deep insights, understanding and surrender to the higher plan. Retreats are talor made and personal attention is upfront. You can be with 1 or 2 other people in one week.

Online Programs

For those who prefer to receive guidance remotely, I am also offers online programs. These programs are designed to support you in your personal transformation in a flexible way. With the help of video lessons, meditations and exercises, you can work on important themes in your life at your own pace. Whether it's strengthening your intuition, healing old wounds or manifesting your dream life, these's online programs provide valuable tools and guidance.

Work With Spirit

This is a special group training where you will learn the skills to work with your psychic talents and gifts. We will work with guided visualisation to connect with your higher self, your spirit guides and loved ones in the spiritual world. You will learn to work with the Akasha records, Sitting in the power, healing, telepatic communication, automatic writing and reading of cards.

Online video's, blog, podcast, webshop

I have a lot of free information for you to inspire you on youtube, through my blog or podcast. In my webshop i will sell my favorite products so it is easy for you to work with them too. I hope to inspire you to be happy, healthy and a loving person. You desire all the love, support and guidance to find your place here on earth. We are all here to mirror, support each other and walking each other home.

Come to Spain and step into the peace to feel & nourish yourself

Do you need a time out? Get away from it all but don't want to be alone? Are there old pain points that you want to let go of? Would you like to delve deeper spiritually and take a warm bath where you will be taken care of? Be welcome at my home in Spain where I can work with you on any theme and you will find depth and peace within yourself for 7 days.

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