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“Don't ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive"

Howard Thurman


Love consciousness coaching is for you when

You are:

  • An independent entrepreneur, coach, medium, healer, lightworker, yogi or spiritual seeker.

  • You are doing self-examination and you want someone who can take you to a higher level, support you in your process and transformation, understand you and stand next to you.

  • You want to heal your pain with love, gentleness and attention.​​

  • You are someone who has more value to offer to organizations, wants to guide people, wants to leave a deep impact in the lives of others and feels that there is more than you are currently doing.

  • You want to work and live more from inspiration and your heart.

  • You still experience uncertainty, doubt, encounter the same patterns, procrastination, blockages and a feeling of being alone.

Love consciousness coaching

Do you need more support and backup from your big picture, your guides and loved ones?

Living in confidence and giving confidence
Following and living your soul mission
Letting go of old emotional pain
Experience a positive mindset, focus and happiness
Staying centered in life's tough times
Loving communication and relationships around you without losing yourself
In depth in "how to deal with your consciousness and spiritual gifts"
To stand in your strength and transfer your knowledge and wisdom effortlessly

Do you need someone who understands and empathizes with you?

I will connect you to your unique divine plan so that you can live inspiredly, empower others and have loving relationships around you.


You will receive tools to gain confidence, feel and distinguish between your ego and your higher self. I look with you at your unfinished business, so that you can heal from love in your deepest core and thrive in your talents, gifts and strength.

I'll take you to:
Slow down - Calm the nervous system
Stillness - Reprogramming the mind
Feeling - Detoxing the body from old emotional pain
Deepening - Connecting with your soul
Connecting - Communication with your higher self
Softening - Working with Divine Love / spiritual world
Trust - Living soul destiny and following divine plan


Together we will discuss various themes from your life:
Trauma healing / inner child
Grief and loss processing
Hsp - rest and relaxation
Self-love and loving communication
Connected relationships
Sacred sexuality
Pregnancy and parenthood
Manifesting your dream life
Connection and communication with your soul and the spiritual world
Soul destiny

Inspired Leadership

Do you want to give more space to your spirituality, intuition and wisdom in your work and private life?

It is important to do your own inner work and gain greater self-awareness in order to consciously lead others. Soulful leadership is about connecting with your higher self, self-awareness and living your life in accordance with your values. This allows you to authentically appear as an inspired leader.

Would you:
Deeper connection
Making an impact and difference
Increased creativity
Full involvement
Sustainable transformation
To tell the truth
No drama
More play, fun and enjoyment

Awareness, Inspiration, Authenticity, Empathy, Focus, Purpose. These are some of the characteristics of conscious leaders. Conscious leadership moves to guiding others with full awareness of oneself and cultivating growth in organizations by empowering and supporting the people. Instead of a self-centered 'I' attitude, a conscious leader embodies all aspects of an inclusive 'we' approach." Soulful leadership is about remembering who you are, why you are on earth and embodying all aspects of yourself. Be yourself effortlessly! Working from inspiration, conveying the message of and with your soul, being present from love consciousness and serving the greater whole completely from your strength. For this it is important that you examine yourself and look at your own patterns, actions, reactions and recognize and clarify your old pain.

We all need someone who understands us in difficult times in life, supports us and sympathizes with us in which steps are right at this moment.

I want to look with you at the common thread in your life. To your own space, wisdom, your strength, talents and gifts. What happens to you? What are you in? What are your thought patterns, your feeling patterns, your survival mechanism and your attachment strategy? What are your spiritual gifts and how can you trust them, use them better and collaborate with your soul team. How can your frequency increase and how can you best work and BE yourself.

​You learn to stay grounded, centered, with yourself and around others. You feel loved, supported by the big picture. You feel self-love, compassion, gentleness and you are able to give yourself what you need and indicate what you need. You are no longer able to take things personally, but to observe and witness them, allowing you to confront, resolve and/or mediate in situations without emotions. Your energy remains high, stable and you enjoy what you do. you do and give.

Unconditional love flows through you and you receive and give what you need.

Do you want to take your relationship with yourself, your partner, employees, family or others to a higher level?

Love relationships

This is for you if you are in a love relationship, are looking for a relationship or are experiencing problems with friends or family and you want to form/attract conscious relationships and experience it from the soul perspective.

You want:

Feeling more connected
Communicate lovingly
Come into your own
Heart to heart connection
Being able to be yourself
Express yourself
Taking up space
Indicate boundaries
Standing next to the other in your strength
Feeling welcome
Give yourself and others the space to be vulnerable?


In my view, relationships are supportive, complementary and empowering for your own personal soul journey on earth. Whether it is a friendship relationship, family relationships, love partner, children, colleagues, business partners or neighbors. Relationships are the mirrors of your soul and in the relationship with the other person you often forget your own needs and desire to meet the other person. You make yourself smaller and step out of your power.

Conscious communication is essential in relationships. The biggest problem is feeling that you are not understood, not heard and not having your needs met or the other way around. Old pain points remain triggered and you do not communicate from an 'I message' but you focus your energy on the other person.

Confrontations are part of relationships. Do you see anything positive or negative about them?
How do you deal with confrontations, because they are invitations for conscious communication and connection.

I want to look with you at your own space, your own strengths, talents and gifts. What happens to you? What are your thought patterns, your feeling patterns, your survival mechanism and your attachment strategy? What do you have to offer? Can you support, empower, love someone else? And can you receive and show yourself? Do you dare to be honest? To indicate your limits? Can you listen? Live in your own energy and be together at the same time? Do you step into unconditionality or do you remain critical and conditional?
You will see your relationships in a different light, especially the relationship with yourself. You put yourself first and you experience your strength, your love, your needs and desires. You feel your old pain and what triggers you. Trust becomes your driving factor instead of fear, insecurity, abandonment and rejection. You stay grounded, centered, with yourself around others. You feel loved, supported by the big picture. You feel self-love, compassion, gentleness and you are able to give yourself what you need and indicate what you need.

When the relationship with yourself is transparent, intimate, pure and loving, other relationships and forms will change positively and true love will come to life within you.
You also want: ​
Want to be equal in your relationship, let your sexual energy flow freely in a way that suits you, feel and be safe with someone else.

The trick in relationships is to keep playing. When it is and becomes serious, you lose space for experiences, humor, pleasure and fun. The biggest challenge is not to lose yourself to please others.

Trust your feelings, love yourself and BE yourself.

You can do this process together with your partner in the form of "Relationship therapy"

Boek coaching sessie
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