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Need some time for yourself?

Disconnect from the outside world, feed yourself with loving calm energy and connect to what matters the most.



Slow Down...
Do you need some time for yourself? To reflect at the past time and need some relaxation?
You don't want to be alone?
Do you need someone who understands you? 
who feels you, sees you,
where you can calm down and be yourself?
where you can relax, show up vunerable and put all your cards on the table,
who helps you find your way when you are stuck,
when you just don't know how to move on
or go into new direction to follow your soul's path,
to get you out of your negative paterns and behaviour,
sees your potency, power and spiritual gifts
and help you transform emotional pain and trauma?

You are at the right place at the right time

You dont have to do it alone

I work with you.
I am here for you and with you.


Your Tailor Made Personal Retreat in Spain Andalusië

Step into a warm bath in my house where I host small retreats in beautiful Southern Spain. Find inner peace, inner strength, higher wisdom and come home to yourself. The villa is located on a mountain in the middle of nature, with a beautiful view of the sunset and sunrise and sea view.


These Spiritual Deeping Retreats are for spiritual growth, trauma healing, burnout recovery, HSP support, spiritual empowerment, relaxation and self-awareness development. All retreats are talor-made.

We start with an intake through zoom.

Nurturing Inner Happiness with Soul Guidance

Discover the essence of self-awareness and healing in the heart of South Spain. A spiritual retreat here offers a transformative blend of relaxation, yoga therapy, and soul guidance, inviting you on a journey towards self-love and joy.

The unique thing about these retreats is that they are personal and tailored to your wishes and needs. During an extensive intake we become clear about what is needed. There is no protocol or strict program. We work together and feel every day what it takes for you to achieve your goals.

Give yourself 3 or 7 days to dive deep into your own process and feel at home. There is an effortlessness and it feels like you are with good friends. Concentrate on your own process because you are on retreat for yourself. Connect with your heart and soul. You will receive embodiment and empowerment, focus and understanding.


The Universe brings people together at the right time.
The retreat place, the villa, also my home where my animals live, are also your soul guides in the retreat. There are 5 oriental shorthair cats (allergy free), a dog and 10 chickens living there. Everyone is a mirror in the retreats and part of the process. There is a chef, a swimming pool and everyone has their own room and shares a bathroom. It is homely, quiet, friendly and warm. We work with everything that is available during the week. Confrontations, connections, insights, sun, rain, wind, fire, music, voice, laughter, tears, anger, sadness, love and more. We work from trust, honesty and equality.


The retreats are spiritual and deepening to the level you reach.

We cannot enforce anything and respect each other's boundaries. We work at a level of trust, love and understanding with ourselves, each other and the spiritual world.


The villa has open views of the sea and the mountains.

It is a quiet place with a distance of 15 minutes to the sea. Unfortunately you cannot walk to the sea, but you will need a car or taxi. You have nice walks around the house and beautiful energetic places in the mountains nearby.


The food is healthy, fresh, vegetarian and vegan.

We have our own eggs from our chickens! And local vegetables and in season avocados and mangoes from the garden.

Program offer:
7.30-8.30 Morning walk - optional

9.00-10.30 Yoga therapy session
10.30-11.00 Breakfast
11.00-2.00 Satsang / group or individual coaching

14:00  Lunch and free time

18:30 Dinner

19:30 Talor made session

21:30 Closing


Book your own unique personal retreat and receive personal coaching or depending on the other people there, Satsang sessions. These are in-depth sessions where you learn from each other's process and themes.

For more information, please download this flyer: Download here

If you have any questions, please get in touch Want to make or book? Email me at or call +31628841583.


I also work together with Diana Bergsma from, where trips are booked from the business coaching side.

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Book your free zoom call for a meeting and more information

Call me on +3128841583

or email

Retreats by Maneesha


Diseminado Diseminados, 523, 29752 Sayalonga, Málaga



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