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Feel Love and Support

Experience Healing, Transformation, Empowerment and Embodiment through the Connection with your Soul

Guidance with Maneesha

Do you want to feel more peace, love and support? 

I know how it feels to struggle, be overwhelmed and feel oversensitive and stressed. I combine different techniques who help you find peace in times where you need it. To connect to your inner voice to trust your intuition, develop this more powerful so you can go through life with confidence, acceptance and being guided by self love. 

This is a road for the Spiritual Individual
who wants more inner trust, freedom and selflove

Do you relate to this?

Burn out
In emotional pain
Grieving a loss
Experience trauma
Feeling unbalanced
Dealing with health issues
Recovering from a divorce
Reconnecting to society
Struggling with relationships

Are your healing? or need support and guidance with the proces you are in?

And / Or
Do you relate to this?

Want to deepen your spirituality
Guidance in your awakening
Manifesting your dream life
Desire more abundance
Connect to your higher self
Looking for a soul mate
or your soul connection
Knowing your missions and purpose
Taking your business to a higher level
Living an easy, free and meaningful life
Rewriting your story and inspire others

Do you need empowerment and guidance with your transformation?

Find the right support in your Healing & Empowerment Journey


Work with Me

Experience loving 1:1 healing as  Maneesha connects with her spirit team. Receive profound messages and insights so that you can relieve yourself from daily stresses, mental, emotional and energetic burdens. Find your focus, feel support, know which steps to take next and experience how powerful and unique you really are


Online program

Self Study. Go in your own time and past through your steps to connect to peace in your mind, an open heart, feel your soul and connect to your higher self and soul team.



Looking for a way to connect, recharge, transform patterns and behaviour and experience deep rest and healing? Then come to Spain and join these RECONNECT TO YOU retreats where the focus is on you and you'll retrieve with a small group or by yourself.

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About Me

My name is Maneesha and my greatest strength is guiding other sensitive ambitious men and women connect to their own truth. It is my mission to help my clients become the best version of themselves and actually achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

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Read my Story

And let me inspire you to re-write your story and find the real meaning why you are on earth.

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