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Divine Love

Divine Guidance - Teachings & Support Community

Step in the energy of the Divine love consciousness and feel guided on your souls journey in this time

Join the Divine Love tribe
Raise the frequency and integrate the love consciousess into humanity

Come and share the tribe!

1: Practice the art of self-love
2: Awaken your light body
Embodying Love, Unity and Trust
4: Be happy and free
Connect with your soul, soul team and guides
6: Transcending your ego and divine self
7: Develop your psychic gifts and divine talents
8: Disconnecting from the mass consciousness
9: Letting go of old conditioned beliefs
10: Step into your personal power
11: Heal yourself and others with the Divine healing energy
12: Work with your manifestation mindset
13: Claim your spiritual leadership

14: Let's integrate it all and build the golden age

Soul Alignment

When we align our soul and our authentic Self, we have peace, without needing approval or convincing or changing anyone. We find the determination and courage to manifest what we want. You are the greatest creative power on earth!

Remember who you are and how to use your divine talents

Welcome to my website

My name is Maneesha Sluyzer and I have guided thousands of people in recent years to grow and heal on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. You can call me the “feeling doctor”. I have the ability to understand, see through and feel you. My findings are tailored to your soul and what you need now


I work with my divine and galactic guides Aurealis and Hubert and together we have the potential to change your life. Our purpose is to offer you consciousness, help you discover your soul's messages and remind you who you are. I also work as a channeler for divine masters Thoth, Kuthumi and Commandor Asthar. 


Everything I offer is a personal investment in yourself, to grow, open and transform into the fifth dimension. The more people stand in their power, the more authentically the language of the soul flows and we can welcome the new time and new earth.

Embody Divine Love

I guide you to find your life's purpose and destiny

To find answers to the difficult questions of life

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Maneesha Sluyzer

I was born with my spiritual gifts to hear, feel and see. I walk a soul path with a soul mission. My goal is to remember who I am and to guide as many people as possible in the love consciousness. As a channeler I work together with Aurealis, Hubert and Divine teachers. I am a medium, mentor, coach, therapist, psychic reader, yogini and spiritual teacher.


Currently I live in Spain with my 5 oriental cats, rottweiler puppy and Ric. I am from the Netherlands and also work in Dutch.

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Is my spiritual master guide and speaker of my soul group. Aurealis comes from the Angelic Realm and as a soul group they keep order in the Universe. She teaches and passes on to me the divine, universal laws and messages to bring you to your core, to your soul mission and to be happy in life. She gives the guided meditations and helps me to see and feel the magic of different realms and dimensions.

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Hubert is a friend of mine from the galactic dimension. You can visualize him as a blue Alien. He and his team help me heal people, open hearts and pass on unconditional love. He communicates with light language, symbols and visualisations. He is funny, quick and helps me to visit the Galactic federation. He is connected to star people, planet earth and he is a part of my divine teachings on earth to raise awareness and frequency to complete the new time and shifts.


How to work with me and my team 

Because I have so much to share and give I work with:

1: a FORUM where you will find a lot of information and you choose your own support

2: Private sessions 

3: Intensive retreats solo in small groups at my villa in Spain


The journey to 'the embodiment of divine love' is a unique path of spiritual awakening where you experience liberation and trust. By integrating your soul consciousness into your body you feel a connection with the truth of who you really are and why you are present on Earth.