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Your Power is


How love can transform your life, other lives and the world

The benefits of loving and being loved, and how to cultivate more love in your life

with Maneesha Sluyzer

Maneesha Sluyzer

She is a spiritual teacher with more then 15+ years of experience

She connects you to love and peace inside

To take ownership of your feelings, thoughs, relationships, health and life

To step into your power and share your talents and gifts

Connects you to the Divine energy of your soul, guides, loved ones

and the universal love consciousness.

Transform - Connect - Live in love

Embody divine love to feel supported and trust your ascension journey. Receive the answers inside yourself and surrender to the guidance of your soul

Ascension is a beautiful and challenging process. It requires effective practices to transform the body, mind, emotions, ego, & spirit into a higher vibrational state.

Work with me online & offline

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Embodiment of Love

Online Group training

Be your pure self and a co-creator in the new world

The world is in need of teachers, coaches, wayshowers and influencers who guide people with the Awakening and Embodiment process. Humanity and the planet are transforming into the consciousness of love. This exclusive training is a personal learning process where we do shadow and light work. This is a unique process and an intensive and special journey within that makes you master of yourself and your life.

You free yourself and others from the layers of illusion and 3D reality

You connect with your emotional world, the blueprint of your soul, your soul group and light masters

You learn to work with all your sensory perceptions, astral body, various light beings from other dimensions

And you integrate your soul into your body on earth now

It is a journey and training for you who dare to embody the absolute truth and feel the calling to; to wake up, shake up and live in total freedom.

Online events


What people say

If you are looking for pure, sincere and intensive guidance, then Maneesha is the right place for you. She gives you exactly the push you need to take the next step in your own growth process, and it's up to you to get started. The environment, the sweet animals, the care and the coaching work together optimally to make a strong growth leap, absolutely recommended!

Margriet Bleeker


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